Demon VR

Liquid cooled CPU & GPU for best in class temperature control allowing the most intensive virtual reality experience with unparalleled visual clarity. If your models are less than 1M polygons, there’s no need to apply. This enterprise VR experience is for the most demanding designers who are chartered to define the next generation of product and manufacturing process. We build to order with a GPU to match your purpose and budget.  

  • Liquid cooled dual GPUs deliver 120+ fps for incredibly smooth VR playback
  • Ultra low latency guarantees an immersive experience
  • Tuned for optimal performance - customized for VR authoring & playback tools and HMDs
  • Full horsepower available in the Mini form factor

Demon DSP

When your applications call for smoking fast CPU speed, we tune our single processor Demon to match your unique demands.  We’ll match our Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU, clock speed management, and proprietary cooling approach to the specifics of your workflow.

  • 8 cores running at 4+ GHz for lightning fast content creation
  • Ideal for motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software
  • Most responsive machine you'll ever use in your workflow
  • Expandable to 128GB of RAM running at 3200MHz , and up to 4 GPUs
  • Full horsepower available in the Mini form factor

Demon DMP

Love to multi-thread?  You don’t even need to know the answer because we’ve got you covered.  We know the ideal core count, CPU, GPU, and cooling to match all major design and visualization software. You focus on your work and we’ll do the rest to ensure lightning fast performance.

  • Render to your heart's content with 44 cores
  • Created for 3D modeling, animation, simulation and rendering
  • Work in real time and let the creativity flow
  • Available in Autodesk Flame® configuration


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